Cryin' Out Loud
Jul 9

Cryin' Out Loud

  • Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe

Cryin' Out Loud is a juried exhibition, by Micol Hebron, that examines the role of women's and femmes' voices as expressed in art about politics, activism, and emotion. Considering both the metaphoric and literal voice, Cryin' Out Loud explores and celebrates the use of art as a form of speaking up and out. A large group exhibition of works by selected artists will take place in CCA's Muñoz Waxman Gallery

Media coverage:

Cryin' Out Loud takes each word of this maxim seriously - Crying. Out. Loud. - and navigates the various implications of the phrase, wheter exasperated and fed up ("Oh, for crying out loud!") or literal, as one who does not hide her desperation or emotion while she is actually "crying out loud". Similarly, "living out loud" has associations with survivors of abuse, with activism in the LGBTQ community, and with anyone refusing to "be quiet" about issues of oppression, identity and authorship. It is time to speak loudly with our voices and our art; with our intellect and our emotion; with our politics and our personhood. 

Throughout history women's voices, perspectives, and innovations have been undermined by those in power. In order to have their voices heard or published, many women artists and writers have adopted gender neutral or male pseudonyms. Women have fought for their right to vote, are still fighting for wage-equity, and to have equal representation in congress. Speaking and acting out is complicated for women and femmes because of common double standards like the label "hysterical," for simply speaking her mind. Women have learned to work within these oppressive structures often at the expense of their rights and humanity, and frankly, we are ready for change. 

Cryin' Out Loud proposes that to unabashedly express emotion is a political act. To live out loud is a necessary political gesture and that women's experience needs to be seen, heard, and cherished. The exhibition will consist of work in all media that embraces emotion as statement; that broadcasts social and political concerns, and that reacts to and resists the structures that continue to oppress us.

Dec 31


  • Perimeter Gallery

Perimeter Gallery, opening October - December, 2017


Studio Works Artist in Residence - Tides Institute
Sep 9

Studio Works Artist in Residence - Tides Institute

  • Eastport, Maine

Free Will North Church Project Space

Tides Institute and Museum of Art has developed its 1819 Free Will North Baptist building as a 4,000 square foot project space that serves as an extension of its artist residency, exhibition and workshop programs including performances, site-specific art installations, multi-media presentations, along with ground level working studio space. 

2018 Residency and Installation 



Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Residency
Jun 9

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Residency

  • Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Haystack’s Open Studio Residency provides two weeks of studio time and an opportunity to work in a supportive community of makers. The program accommodates approximately 50 participants—from the craft field and other creative disciplines—who have uninterrupted time to work in six studios (ceramics, fiber, graphics, iron, metals, and wood) to develop ideas and experiment in various media. 

Eye of the Beholder
Jun 4

Eye of the Beholder

  • Water Street Studios

"Eye of the Beholder: An Interactive Garment Exhibition" is an opportunity for artist and audience to re-examine beauty.

Savage Chanel

Savage Chanel

Osiris' Shield

Osiris' Shield

Work in Progress at the Textile Arts Center
Mar 28

Work in Progress at the Textile Arts Center

Work in Progress (WiP) is a window into the studio practice of contemporary artists and designers that engages the public in a dialogue with the field of textiles.
Visit WiP in the Textile Arts Center Manhattan studio during open hours. Artist hours every Saturday, from 2-5PM. not a goddess...
May 3 not a goddess...

Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts

Michigan Technological University

Houghton, MI


Flats and Rounds
Nov 18

Flats and Rounds

Exhibition: Flats and Rounds with Sarah Hewitt and Kathleen McCloud

Rozsa Gallery A-Space | Michigan Technological University | 106 Rozsa Center

Houghton, MI 49931


Aug 28

Kindred Beasts | Everson Biennial

  • Everson Museum of Art

June 3 - August 28, 2016

Everson Museum of Art,

The Everson Biennial has been an important platform for contemporary art by New York State artists since its inception in 1974, offering an outlet for creative visual expression and facilitating lively conversations about both what contemporary art is and what it has the power to become. Kindred Beasts continues this tradition by presenting a carefully selected group of eight artists whose work focuses on the use of fiber and clay. Each artist interprets the medium in unique and innovative ways, while remaining deeply engaged with tradition and respectful of the past. Representing six counties across the state, the artists are: Joe Fyfe, Jeffrey Gibson, Sarah Hewitt, Liz Lurie, Matt Nolen, Sarah Saulson, Bobby Silverman and Linda Sormin.

May 13

Accidents into Incidents

  • Momenta Art

Accidents into Incidents

MFA Thesis Exhibition

Michael Barraco, Teke Cocina, Lydia Goldbeck, Sarah Hewitt, Owen Hunter, Eleanor King, Dustina Sherbine, Phumelele Tshabalala

Opening Reception: May 6, 2016, 6pm -

Momenta Art, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY,