i feel like i’m on the precipice of madness

all of the time

there is only a narrow gap between me and no connection

or maybe it’s someplace else

i can’t see it

can hear it

it doesn’t make sense to me

she believes everyone is confused

as confused as she is


it’s been a year of this fragile passage



sometimes calling


but i have things to do


where you see the abyss

when you feel the gap

when you can map its edges

there is no boundary


she's ever present


Woven installation at the North Church

Tides Institute & Museum

82 High Street, Eastport, Maine

Opening July 27, 2018

On view August - October, 2018

I've just finished my figure in 2.5 years. She's a beast but very satisfying. 55 inches tall with a skin of stripped haberdashery ribbon scavenged from California. The wood skeleton was fabricated by Len Young and fully articulated. She'll go into the Church next week and finally I can see how she works with her woven face reaching up to 18 feet high.

Week one - July 1-8 in Eastport, Maine

There is a stunning new organ in the North Church - so stunning and overwhelming that I will not be able to ignore its new presence in the space. So instead, the central weaving and new figure will be in communication with the 'owl/beast' organ. 

This week's big celebrations were around the 4th of July and the docking of a giant destroyer Navy ship. 300 sailors on leave and a few thousand tourists landed in Eastport for a full on celebration of lobster, crab and beer. 

Oh the stories I could tell...but one delight of this disturbance was the captain of the ship - a fierce and lovely woman of color. No matter what chauvinistic rhetoric I heard I just said - have you seen the captain?

Sorry to say that the Navy lost the basketball game to the locals by 2 points but it was spirited and fun. I especially enjoyed the sailors standing under the hoop trying to distract those throwing free throws. 

I have a lot to get done with installation starting on the 18th. So far I have completed the understructure of the new figure. She's my first in over 2 years. Now for the skin, stage, beading, and banners I hope to create. No pressure...