she is ever present was developed with generous guidance, support and assistance of many people. Much gratitude to the Tides Institute & Museum of Art for hosting and supporting this project. Immense thanks to Sarah Bartlett for tirelessly working from above/below/around/on the ground/and in the air. Her determination, enthusiasm and youth led us to the finish line.

Much gratitude for your efforts and support: Lenfrey Young, Ryan Newell Construction (especially Devon and John), Kristin McKinlay and Hugh French, Sue Cobb and Deane Perkins, Laurie Hoover, Pete Froslie, Sallie Findlay, and the welcoming community of Eastport. 

This project is dedicated to my mother, Mersha Ann Hewitt Phipps. 


i feel like i’m on the precipice of madness

all of the time

there is only a narrow gap between me and no connection

or maybe it’s someplace else

i can’t see it

can hear it

it doesn’t make sense to me

she believes everyone is confused

as confused as she is


it’s been a year of this fragile passage



sometimes calling


but i have things to do


where you see the abyss

when you feel the gap

when you can map its edges

there is no boundary


she's ever present


works included in she is ever present:

Temple Frieze, 2018, 48” x 79” x 3”, Woven, stitched and crochet threads, yarn, mylar, fabric, flag tape, trims, beads, sequins

Smells Like Joy, 2017, 97” x 42” x 26”, Woven and drawn yarns, trims, pompoms, beaded trim, flag tape

Blue Staff, 2016, 41” x 4” x 10”, Woven and stitched fibers, crystals, dirt, frankincense oil, silly putty and window blind roller

Sarah’s Staff, 2016, 30” x 4.6” x 6”, Wrapped wood with rope and beaded trim

Womanspreading, 2018, 34.5” x 41” x 28”, Stitched and stuffed torso with legs, draped fabric

Arcane Fetish, 2016, 5.5” x 2” x 1.5”, Ceramic and plaster

Dionysus (the god of wine, dance, irrationality and chaos), 2018, 109” x 45”, Woven and stitched yarns, trims, beads

Goddess on a Pink Platter, 2016, 41” x 9.5” x 20”, Plaster and wax figure on mirrored plexiglass on cloth. 

My Kind of Milagro, 2017, 33” x 6” x 6.5”, Woven rawhide, beads, carved crystal, stones, threads and cord

Thigh Gap, 2017, 117” x 29” x 3”, Woven fringe, pompoms, mylar streamers, fake fur, flag tape and yarn

she’s ever present, 2018, variable dimensions (figure 54” x 42” x 22”; weaving 14’ x 32”; stage 7’ diameter), Woven tapestry using fake fur and metallic yarns; Sculpted and stuffed figure in haberdashery ribbon; Stage upholstered in sequin ribbons; Hundreds of threads and sequins attached to beads strung to the church bell tower.

Red Velvet Seer, 2016, 59” x 15” x variable, Sculpted, stuffed and stitched bronze, plaster, wax, mylar, trimmings, table legs and velvet