Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture

Matri - personal relationships, (dates refer to my introduction to the individuals)

1998   Polly Barton, consultant and designer

2002  Katharine Cobey, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, designer of Diagonal Knitting, designer of

2004   Tracy Krumm, Haystack Mountain School of

2004   Judy Chicago, designer for Through the Flower and Judy Chicago

2005   Madelin Coit, consultant and designer,

2005   Hisako Sekijima, Haystack Mountain School of

2013   Sheila Pepe, Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, designer of, curator of Congregation and co-curator of Kindred Beasts.

2013   Carrie Moyer, Skowhegan School of Painting &

2013   Mickelene Thomas, Skowhegan School of Painting &

2013   Sarah Tortora, Skowhegan School of Painting &

2013   Sondra Perry, Skowhegan School of Painting &

2013   Julia Bland, Skowhegan School of Painting &

2014   Nancy Bowen, Purchase College/SUNY,

2014   Faye Hirsch, Purchase College/SUNY and Art in America,

2015   Genesis Breyer P'orridge, Purchase College/SUNY visiting artist,

2015   Rachel Owens, Purchase College/SUNY


Patri - personal relationships, (dates refer to my introduction to the individuals)

1987   Harry Cordova, teacher and adopted-father,

1994   Al Decredico, teacher at RISD,

1994   Charles DeBus, teacher at SMU

1994   Bill Kommodore, teacher at SMU,

1994   Barnaby Fitzgerald, teacher at SMU,

1998   John Marshall, natural dye, katazome and egatagasuri teacher,

2004   Ted Larson,

2005   John Garrett, Haystack Mountain School of

2011     Jeffrey Gibson,

2013   Lavar Munroe, Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture,

2013   Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt, Skowhegan School of Painting &


Matri - (dates refer to my introduction to the individuals)

1994   Lucy Lippard

1998   Ani Albers

1996   Kiki Smith

1998   Magdalena Abakonwicz

1998   Sheila Hicks

2000   Eva Hesse

2000   Louise Bourgeois

2000   Hannah Wilke

2004   Mirriam Shapiro

2005   Harmony Hammond

2014   Wangechi Mutu

2013   Annette Messager

2013   Dorothea Tanning

2015   Greer Lankton

2002   Lee Bontecou